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ByBexCxmpbell was created by the beauty influencer Bex Campbell. Her passion for all thing cosmetics started from the day her mum first bought home a shopping bag filled with new brand make up around the age of 12. It wasn't for her though, even she though it was, Soon after this her mum took her to purchase her first product for herself, only a gloss, but rest was history. Bex finished school and went on to study cosmetics and soon after started her early career working for various beauty brands, later this transpired into freelancing and taking part in numerous London Fashion week shows too. These all lead her into the world of social media, which she has grew through her personal make-up skill & personality.


In July 2019 Bex faced the biggest challenge of her life, her mum passed away after a 7 year battle with cancer. For the rest of the year into early 2020 she spent her time healing mentally and physically, adjusting to her new normal. Bex made a promise that she would never stop flighting for her dreams, never be scared of the unknown and that going forward everything she would do would be for her mum. Just like everything her mum did was always for her.



Hey Huns!


Thank you for supporting me on this journey to achieving my wildest dreams. ByBexcxmpbell for me is about the beauty of self expression, inclusivity and transformation artistry. Transformation in appearance, confidence, self love and beyond.  


We are a black-owned small business with huge dreams, the same dream many of your reading this may have too. So, I have a little advise for you, what are you waiting for? Make tomorrow dream your reality, its just the beginning!



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